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Light on Wallet Marketing Techniques.

While marketing act as a growth stimulant, it is not always possible to a growing business to invest much in the marketing. With a little creativity and tweaks one can implement most of the strategies for free; here is the list of those creative ideas:

  1. Create instructional Videos: You can create your videos for free and upload them on YouTube and share the same on other social media websites. These videos can be promotional like introducing an offer or informative like just making people aware of your business and concept. In any case if it is creative and fun to watch, it will sure become viral.

  1. Update your Blog: It may sound conventional but content is still the king. So, if you can invest some time to keep updating your website by creating engaging blog you will for sure bring a higher traffic which will be good for your search engine rankings.

  2. DIY Infographics: Infographics are attractive, engaging and effective. The visuals capture the readers’ mind and leave a perception that is lasting. Thus, the small business owners can indulge in creating DIY infographics with the help of the templates and share the information that they wish to spread and reach their target audience.

  3. Contests: Invite your existing and potential clients to participate in the online contests and gift the goodies to the winner. This is a powerful tool for the product based companies as this not only brings the traffic, spread awareness and attracts the potential clients but also spreads positive word of mouth and builds customer loyalty.

  4. Unique Business Card: Your business card is your introduction. Thus, if you are into a creative field it should be reflected in your business card. On the other hand, people involved in serious business can also play with the colours and design of the card so that it stands out even at a quick glance.

  5. Guerrilla Marketing: A new age technique that is creative yet economical, where a crowd appears at a public place to share information through a dance or skit, while the idea is to draw attention of the masses.   


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