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Simple Marketing Tips for SME.

Good marketing is a crucial part of any company’s business strategy. Here some tips for gaining and cutting through the clutter in a cost effective manner.

There are a number of proven tactical activities available to SMEs that are simple to execute and free. These activities can have a significant impact on an SME’s brand reputation and engagement.

 Simple marketing tips:

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  1. Press releases: Hire someone else to write your stories for you as it offers an outside perspective on your business. A PR expert will ensure it is written to best suit your target audience, and ensures maximum coverage of your press release.

  2. Social media: Make sure your business has a strong online presence. This can be achieved by sending out regular posts. A good way of engaging with your audience is to issue calls to action. Facebook posts which feature questions generate 92% higher comment rates than posts without questions. Be sure to ask the question at the end of your post. And, provide your followers with good visual content.

  3. Contribute to online sites and forums: Take to Google and find discussion sites or LinkedIn groups which are focused on your industry. Start submitting regular posts offering tips and advice or get involved in discussions, and make sure that your company name is clearly visible to the other users.

  4. Awards: Scour the internet, your local business press, and relevant trade titles for industry specific awards to enter. If you prove successful make sure you take full advantage of the exposure by updating all marketing materials with award details and logo.

  5. Offer something for free: Give your target audience a reason to switch from your competitors by offering a free trial, once they are hooked, they will come back as a paying customer.

  6. Run a joint promotion: Contact a non-competing small business serving customers in your market and set up a cross-promotion partnership whereby you publicize their products or services to your customers and in exchange they do the same.

  7. Blog: B2B (Business to Business) companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. The alternate option is to write guest posts for already established blog sites, this will get your company’s name out there without the pressure of maintaining your own blog.

  8. Use testimonials/case studies: Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating (89%) when influencing buyers. Potential customers want to hear real stories from real customers, who have had genuine experiences with your product.

 It becomes clear that no matter what size your budget is there is no excuse for not marketing your business. It is a matter of how well we utilize available resources because even though you know how great your product and service is but no one else will know until we market it.  


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